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  • About Me

    • Acoustic rock#1!, oldies rock, alt rock, hard rock, classic rock, grunge rock, ...musicals IE; Newsies#1!, Grease, Rocky Horror, etc; Some cartoon Theme songs, Live musical theatricals, etc I LOVE music by, Ben Harper (but only his stuff from the 80's & 90's), TOOL, Erasure, Alabama, LiVE, Type -o- Negative, Boys2Men, Fujees, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Project86, NiN, Greenday, Eminem, GooGooDolls, so much more...

    • The Man Who Would be King, Starchaser - (the legend of orin), V, Chronicles of Riddick, The Secret of Nimh, The Dark Crystal, A Scanner Darkly, Tombstone, ...Romance, Sci-Fi, Documentary, Western, Crime Mystery, Documentary, etc :p

    • White Collar, Breaking Bad, In Plain Sight, Suits, Burn Notice, House MD, NCIS, ...Little known fact, Canadian Actor, Writer, etc, "T_m _____n" created the FIRST ever "Reality TV show". Can you guess who this is? Hint: ...I'm a SoCal Inland Valley Local, so here is a Inside scoop.. MTV gave him 2 million $ to come to the US & for rights to his basement cable TV show, which was cancelled after airing only 3 eps because he left the set w/o telling anyone, after his boss, a world famious director, instructed him to finish casting off, he decided to hang out at a party w/ Dennis Rodman. What a way to quit yet job huh? Sticking it to entertainment industry! (PS IF your reading this you must be board.)

    • The Screwtape Letters; By, C.S. Lewis. I have the collection of Edgar Allen Poe, since I was 15-ish. there are too many!!!!!!!

    • whats that one again where you do almost nothing and get drunk? fishing! Horseback, swimming, volleyball, surfing, walking/hiking, bowling, biking, video games, Disc Golf.. 😎

    • I write musical notation (just dunno what the notes are till I play them), write lyrics, poems, scraps of this and that, I sing, while playing guitar usually, but I most especially like to write love songs and sing them to the one(s) whom inspires me.

    • this subject gets more depressing with age so lets pretend, make believe, like real, the subject is dootadoo.... tadoo!

    • I am eccentric, or hyper, some say I yell but I tell them no, im just very expressive. my mind works like this, wonders from random thing to random something, aka ADHD.