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  • Annapurna P


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    February 10, 2016



  • About Me

    • Mantra, Native American Music, trance, rave, techno

    • Legions 2010, Dracula Untold, Dracula 2000, Old classic Horror, Black Stallion and Red Fury

    • To much cabal garbage in tv. But I do not mind looking at CSI, scI Miami;SCI New York, NCSI, Castle, House MD

    • Erotic Romance books prefered, but i love Vampire books and Detective books as well.

    • Horse Racing, Show Jumping, Horse back riding, Gym, Swimming

    • Cooking, dancing, animals, horses,human and animal rights, ancient cultures, Oil Painting etc

    • Create a heaven on earth with the down crew, star crew and mt beloved husband Shiva.

    • My whole self

    • Annapurna, aka Parvati, Sati, Sahkti incarnate. The ONE and ONLY! Be aware of false prophets claiming to bee us, me and Lord Shiva. The false prophets wants to bee worshiped to feel in power. While we do not want to bee worshiped at all. We want to bee seen as equals to you...