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    seeking new life and civilisations!

    June 3, 2005




  • About Me

    • Firefly and all good SF :)

    • Terry pratchett and all good fantasy and SF!

    • Hate watching sport, enjoy cycling, swimming and walking!

    • Are you brave enough to make the first move? I'm not your average sort of bloke - I hate football, not keen on pints of beer (but love alcopops!) and will happily wander around shops saying "your bum looks big in that!" I have an active social life both online and off-line, but I do not seem to be meeting anyone who really makes my heart spark! So, if you are looking to make a new friend or possibly more, feel free to send me a flirt - You won't know till you try! :) Perfect Match I don't believe in perfection, I just look for someone who challenges me and actually offers something that no one else can, I like girls who are a little bit unusual and even a little geeky! :) I prefer to date women who read and take notice of what is happening in the world. "Text Speak" is a major turn off for me - So if you can not spell or use punctuation, then feel free to move on! Ideal Date I would go to a quiet friendly pub that does good food and then just see how the evening progresses, but if you want to suggest something more exciting, then I will normally be up for it!