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  • Danni

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    Hey y'all!

    June 15, 2007







  • About Me

    • If it doesnt come on BET, VH1, or MTV, then i really don't know much about it. I do like some hip-hop and R&B. But my 1st love is gospel. My favorites are Byron Cage, Anthony Brown & Group Therapy, and Ricky Dillard, just 2 name a few. I bet u thought Kirk was gonna be up in there right? Naw, he getting old and his style is changing. He need 2 go back 2 when he had the family.

    • I like some horrors, only if they are really, really good. I do like a few action flicks and some drama. Romance movies aren't really my thing, but my top 3 favorites are Love&Basketball, Brown Sugar and Menace II Society. Yeah I can get gangsta. LOL!!

    • True Blood, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, ANTM

    • reading, writing, and just having some quiet time. i enjoy peacefulness, and reflecting while spending time with God.

    • To be a successful business owner. i am currently in school now getting my degree in social work. I want to do community work & one day own my own non-profit business

    • I am sweet, lovable, and kind. I'm the nicest person that u would ever want to know. My 1st love is God and even though I don't always do things as I should my heart is in the right place. I'm now @ a new place in my life, and I'm evolving into a better person. The things that I've set out to do, I'm finally going to stop procrastinating and let the Lord lead me to where He wants me to go. I'm filtering out some old things and filtering in some new. I'm surrounding myself with people who can uplift and benefit me only in good ways. I like truth and clarity, and I'm no-nonsense type of person. Those that already know me, know that. My son is the most important thing to me besides God & he lights up my life everyday. I never knew I could ever love somebody so much. So if you're a good-hearted person and ur liking what ur reading, then just leave me a message. I don't deal with foolishness, so if u have a bunch of that with u, then plz bypass me. If u wanna get to know me, then feel free to leave a msg. I don't accept friend requests bcuz my profile isn't private.

    • My best physical feature I think r my eyes. They can just pierce thru u and look into ur soul. My best non-physical feature is my heart and my personality. I truly have a heart of gold and I hate 2 tell people no. I don't want people thinking I'm a bad person. I'm outgoing, funny,(who cares if no one else laughs @ my!!), down 2 earth. and a good listener. I'm also an advice expert, people just love 2 tell me their drama.