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  • Aidan Thompson! Yes, heard of me?!


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    DJ APT is Back, and he's in that mix. Please add me as a friend... Ive only just joined :( haha!

    August 2, 2008



  • About Me

    • Everything! Im a mobile DJ, so im used to listening to lots of differnt music styles. I do like Dance and Rave alot though...

    • Anything with a little action or comedy.

    • Helllo guyss and girllls ;)!! Im Aidan Thompson, A mobile DJ, Website creating freeeakk! XD. Im 15, Im also from Plymouth. I have a reasonable amount of friend's and love to hang around with them. They are mental! I also really like to do stuff that nobody usualy does or has ever done before. I like to climb and do stupid daredevil stunts or get in trouble! haha! Little Trouble Maker ;) :P!

    • Hahaa, My smile and eyes apparently.

    • DJ'ing, Climbing, Website Creating, Stunting some other random things...

    • I would like to create a few things, Hotel's, Ride's, Club's, Anything that could earn me some money...