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  • J R


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    Yeah, I am much older than u but I want to fall in love ONE MORE TIME ♥ ♥ ♥

    September 1, 2010







  • About Me

    • I play a few instruments. Guitar. Piano. Banjo. So I end up liking ALL music.

    • I like a wide variety of movies. Does porn count at movies ? LOL

    • ♫ I'm all about that news, bout that news bout that news ♪

    • Do all my reading on internet now.

    • Studied karate, captain of wrestling team, baseball, golf and "foreplay" LOL

    • Play poker online and in casinos. I earn money at it and I enjoy the challenge.

    • Discover companionship, conversations, sharing with some one special and maybe more

    • Lips, legs and laughter ♥

    • Discovering your pix is sexy, cool and supreme. But nothing compared to discovering your mind ♥

    • Would you like to make a new friend ? I am totally curious about people, the world and what makes females so interesting ♥ I am currently still married but also currently still lonely. That's why I am here searching the world for a new connection, companionship, friendship, FWBs, chemistry, lover, chat-mate, email sharing, flirt-mate, etc. Maybe some one who is looking to explore other people, other things about themselves. You know-- "CURIOUS" ♥ Looking for something magical that only you and I can understand ♥ I like all types of females and maybe a higher preference for Asian ♥ I don't bite....................... unless you ask me to ♥ I am a member of "the Lonely Hearts Club". R U ?