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    January 18, 2020



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  • About Me

    • I listen to and play/perform (on bass) a wide variety: classical, jazz, R&B, funk, blues, reggae, rock, rock 'n roll, pop, etc. My #1 genre is the "New Romantic" alternative music of the 1980s.

    • I'm not a TV or movie person as such... in fact, I don't even have any television service! I'd rather LIVE than sit and watch other people doing so. Life is not a spectator sport.

    • None. Don't watch television, as such - just selective content online!

    • #1: The Holy Bible. Other than that, I enjoy the classics, mysteries, and more so, non-fiction. One fiction author whose writing I do enjoy is Audrey Niffenegger. She's highy imaginative! Also, I'd be terribly remiss if I didn't mention the British author Philip Watling here, also... I highly recommend his amazing life-and-death autobiography, "Flight Of A Lifetime" (on Amazon).

    • The Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL), of course!

    • Music (playing/performing, writing, and listening), photography, drawing/painting, graphic arts, computers and internet, digital graphic and website design / development, poetry, crafts of various kinds, nature and animals (especially dogs), the great outdoors, walking/hiking. I also enjoy conversation, and board games, word/strategy games, and various types of puzzles, to stimulate and exercise the grey matter!

    • Intelligence, sensibility, humour, compassion.

    • Musician (electric bass), photographer, graphic and web site designer, entrepreneur and owner of "Clever Brander", a business and personal identity branding service.

    • I've joined this website to connect with some friends who are on here, and possibly network. I'm not looking for a relationship at this point in my life, because I'm extremely busy these days, and hardly have time for myself at the moment - building a business as I'm currently doing, is a LOT of hard work. Even if I was in a position to consider meeting someone ( a man) with that possibility in mind, any prospective partner would have to meet some very important criteria that are absolutely non-negotiable for me. He'd have to be: 1. SINGLE. 2. A true, spiritual Christian. 3. VEGAN. 4. Non-smoking. 5. A very moderate (light), occasional social drinker or teetotaler. 6. Clean, neat, and responsible!