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Pastor Woodie:


    We were first call Christians,many years ago,because we were Christ like,This Group dont call ourselves any religious name like....Roman Cath..Baptist,Andican,and so on we are just Sons,and Daughters of God.what the new testement support we support too,rightly dividing the Word of God by his Holt spirit,

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    Karen G


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Hello I am a Muslim, I want to ask, what does the love of C…

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In modern day we find many husband and wives who are co pre…

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Women dressing..

Let us be reminded that it is not the way a woman dresses t…

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The Word..

God made man first for what reason?  The man is the fo…

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The conversations as a Christian in the dating world.

there are so many single persons in the dating world and ma…

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Who's sin is greater?

Those who have not sinned can cast the first stone.  W…

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A Daily Walk As A Christian

A a single person who has accepted God in your life, you kn…

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